What is a FrontEnd CMS?

Common meaning

The term Frontend CMS is sometimes used for a hosted wysiwyg website creation tool (like wix.com or squarespace.com). These tools are suitable for building small websites without the intervention of a webdesigner.

I wouldn't call them "Content Management System" because these tools are not very good at managing larger amounts of content.

Some (most?) CMS solutions have frontend editing possibilities like an edit button for a text that, when clicked, opens a texteditor. This is a step in the right direction, but I would say it is too limited to call it a "Frontend CMS".


I would like to redefine the term Frontend CMS.

A Frontend CMS is a tool that gives the customer the best possible wysiwyg interface for editing content, where the design and functionality of the website is still created by a webdesigner.

In other words, a Frontend CMS recognizes that there are two usergroups, each having different requirements. The webdesigner wants full freedom in design and functionality, and therefore needs the backend. The customer needs an efficient and easy-to-use editing tool that protects the customer from making mistakes.

Direct Edit

I have developed a frontend CMS based on the principles defined above. Have a look at directedit.nl.

I plan to write a review here of several types of frontend CMS solutions. If you want to have some solution mentioned here, or if you have any other question, don't hesitate to contact me at support@frontendcms.com.

Carlo Roosen